# Addons

To keep things tide, Ovee doesn't come with any modules by itself. Yet, we ship some official, ready-made modules that would help your workflow as a separate packages.

# Barba.js Plugin

A module that hooks Barba.js v2 to your Ovee.js App.

# Installation

yarn add @ovee.js/barba

# or

npm install --save @ovee.js/barba

# Getting Started

The module is simply a wrapper around the excellent Barba.js. We try to keep everything raw, so you should simply follow the library's docs to set up your markup and set proper options.

import { App } from 'ovee.js';
import OveeBarba from '@ovee.js/barba';

import { defaultTransition } from 'transitions';

const root = document.body;
const app = new App();

app.use(OveeBarba, {
    transitions: [
    timeout: 20000,
    preventRunning: true,
    hooks: {
        after() {
            if (global.dataLayer !== undefined) {
                try {
                        event: 'content-view',
                        'content-name': global.location.pathname
                // eslint-disable-next-line no-empty
                } catch {}



# Available Options

The module's options object accepts same set of options that Barba would use. Additionally, you can set the following custom options:

Option Default Value Description
plugins [] add Barba plugins from Plugins. More in section Plugins
hooks {} you can pass methods to hook into Barba's lifecycle globally. More in section Hooks

# Methods

Method Description
$go(href: string, trigger?: Trigger, e?: LinkEvent | PopStateEvent) Tell Barba to go to a specific URL
$prefetch(href: string) Prefetch the given URL

# Hooks

You can add globall hooks callbacks in module options under hooks option. Every hook also emits global event on $app instance. Available hooks and theire events are:

  • before | event: barba:before
  • beforeLeave | event: barba:before-leave
  • leave | event: barba:leave
  • afterLeave | event: barba:after-leave
  • beforeEnter | event: barba:before-enter
  • enter | event: barba:enter
  • afterEnter | event: barba:after-enter
  • after | event: barba:after

# Plugins

To add Barba plugins, you need to install it in you project and pass to plugins option. Example:

import { App } from 'ovee.js';
import OveeBarba from '@ovee.js/barba';

import barbaPrefetch from '@barba/prefetch';
import barbaRouter from '@barba/router';

const root = document.body;
const app = new App();

app.use(OveeBarba, {
    plugins: [
        [barbaRouter, { routes: [ /* barba routes here */ ] }]


# Defining Custom Transitions

To define your transitions, just pass transition definitions to transitions array of the module config. We don't do anything with them by any meaning, so you shall just follow the official docs to get more details.

# More on Barba.js

Barba.js is a popular, well-documented library. To learn how to use it, please follow the official documentation. To learn more, refer to many good tutorials about Barba that you'll find over the Internet.

Last Updated: 2/22/2023, 2:05:09 PM