# Meta

# Why Another Framework?

Indeed, there are great front-end framework on the market. But most of them are designed to build rich, client-side rendered web apps. And there's still a huge market for websites and even apps made more traditional way, with markup rendered server side (and I don't mean any fancy SSR thing). In such cases we still want to write modern, well-organized JS components. And there's very little frameworks built with that use case in mind.

Due to lack of a good, modern toolset that would fit our needs, our team at Owls Department was using first, internal version of the framework for few years. We have built dozens of websites on top of it. So when planning a major overhaul of the internal framework, we've started with a research. We really wanted to switch to something that is more standard, and opensource. And we haven't found a complete and maintained tool that would fit our workflow (worth to note that we're also huge Vue enthusiasts, but it does not fit every project). With that in mind, we've decided to continue maintaining our own tooling, but agreed that it's time to opensource it and share with the community. Because open is better.

# Who's Behind

Ovee.js was created and is maintained by Jakub Przyborowski, CTO of Owls Department and Miłosz Mandowski, front-end developer.

Built with ❤️ in Cracow.

Last Updated: 2/22/2023, 2:05:09 PM